More Band-tailed Pigeons in SM Valley

Jamie Chavez

During a walk through Waller Park this morning I spotted a flock of 35 or so Band-tailed Pigeons that dropped into one of the taller Monterey Pines inside the park. They eventually flew off to the south out of the park. As I mentioned in a previous email, this is pretty unusual for Santa Maria Valley. I am in tune to whatever pigeons and doves I see because I'm always on the lookout for this species in the valley. They do not occur here normally so it captured my attention right away. Clearly, there is "something going on" with this species around here which might not be detectable where they are commonly seen (and ignored) in other parts of the county. I may have had a single BTPI  last weekend over Jim May Park too but it was not seen well enough to say for sure. Also in the park, I located a couple of small flocks of Chipping Sparrows near the gazebo, and a male Wood Duck is in the front pond. 

Jamie M. Chavez
Santa Maria, CA

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