Curlew Sandpiper Update

Karen Bridgers <kbridgers@...>

The Curlew Sandpiper was still at the Goleta Sewage Plant at 5:30 this
evening (Wed.). The people at the plant have really gone out of their way to
welcome birders. If you go straight ahead as you come in, you'll find a
special barricaded "Birdwatcher's Parking Area." Please remember to sign in
at the office however. As you walk down the road toward the ponds, the bird
has been in the left pond, on the mudflat feeding. This is where it was last
evening and also when I saw it at 5:15 this evening.

Around the ponds, the sewage plant people have posted signs that say, "No
birdwatchers beyond this point." Please respect the signs at all times.

We will try to keep you updated on the bird, and will post again in the
morning if it's still there.

Karen Bridgers

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