Details of American Bittern sighting

Rob Hofberg

if your pulling into off the main road to go to the main area at Ocean Park in Lompoc, there is what looks to be an old road leading out into the estuary. It goes out about 100 yards, and as you go out there the road take about a 10ft step down and keeps going. There is a small pond there which had ruddy duck, coot and both pie-billed and eared grebes. continuing past that there is a willow tree where I saw white-crowned sparrows, house finches and song sparrow. Also goods looks at the harrier, kite and Cooper's hawk. Just to the west is a cat tail reed area. As I turned to leave the bittern just rose out of the cat tails about 10 yards from me and flew off into the estuary. it was completely light tan with heavy brown streaks and the dark jaw stripe was clearly visible.
As I was leaving, I was about 1/3 of the way back I was stopped by an Air Force MP and they checked my ID and ran a check on me. Turns out I was on the base (!) . There were no signs! 
Anyway, he was very nice and told me that that used to be the 13th street bridge (I have learned that it was actually the old 35st bridge) many years ago.

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