Re: Interesting flock of birds at Romero Saddle this morning

Rob Hofberg

To me they look like Mountain Bluebirds, and they sometimes form large flocks.

Rob Hofberg

On Sat, Dec 8, 2018 at 3:59 PM John Callender <jbc@...> wrote:
I was birding this morning from Romero Canyon Road a short way south of Romero Saddle when an interesting flock of birds flew through the pass heading south, passing a little above eye level to the east of me. I got some distant photos that you can see in this eBird list:

At the time the closest thing I could think of was American Robin, because they were roughly robin-sized and flying in a flock, but a commenter has suggested that they might be Pinyon Jays, and looking at them with that possibility in mind they do look suggestive, at least.

I'm interested in opinions. Thanks!

John Callender

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