some Riviera, Rocky Nook and Goleta birds

Ron Hirst

This morning a Peregrine was on Riviera and this afternoon the Merlin is here. Rocky Nook had few birds with 2 Purple Finches being best. The parking lots at Sansum Clinic, Pesetas Lane have 10 red blooming eucs and 15 Tipu trees. A flock of 60 YR Warblers alternates between those trees and a Nashville Warbler was in the Tipus, staying with a Townsend's and a RC Kinglet. A Peregrine flew overhead. The creek restoration area of nearby St. Vincent's campus had a Nuttall's, a Downy, and some warblers and sparrows. In Goleta I saw the 6 Hooded Mergansers in the stream below Patterson Bridge. A Chestnut-backed Chickadee in nearby forest was best other bird. Other birds of the morning included a few Bewick's Wrens, 8 OC Warblers, a Yellowthroat, a Fox Sparrow, a couple Cassin's Kingbirds, and 2 Ring-necked Ducks in a new nursery pond next to the Patterson Bike Bridge. I plan to bird along Atascadero Creek manana. Ron Hirst, SB

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