Scouting Montecito and SB Muni GC today

Mark Holmgren

With Nancy Baron, I scouted today in Montecito and briefly the SB Municipal Golf Course, where access is restricted.


The Eucs between the Biltmore Tennis Courts and the RR tracks were quite active in proportion to the flowers on the Eucs.  Good numbers, but nothing other than the expected warblers and hummingbirds were detected.


At the Music Academy of the West (access is restricted here) we had a Wilson’s Warbler.


At the Andree Clark Bird Refuge there was nothing unusual.  But the Am. White Pelican remained at the west end, 320 Northern Shovelers was a rather large number, and a Merlin lurked over the area.


I went to check on the possible Baltimore Oriole seen at the SB Municipal Golf Course on Saturday.  I obtained better looks at the bird, but fewer photos.  I’m fairly solidly convinced this is a Baltimore Oriole.  Details here.

Also present were 6 Chipping Sparrows and a Lark Sparrow.


Mark Holmgren


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