La Cumbre Peak Dec. 31

Florence Sanchez

I went up to La Cumbre Peak this morning.   Based on previous trips this winter, I felt mid-morning would be better for bird activity so I go there at 9:30 a.m.   The sun was shining only weakly through the high cirrus clouds, so the temperature was a chilly 42 degrees and it didn't warm up more than a couple of degrees while I was there.   

The mountain was practically birdless this morning.  I heard a Fox Sparrow below the Peak and caught a far-away glimpse of what looked like the Townsend's Solitaire that has been there on previous visits.  That was it for the Peak.  I walked the road west to the larger communications station and had a grand total of 2 Scrub Jays for bird activity.  I had 3 more Jays at the communications station and heard a California Thrasher singing somewhere in the scrub below. I also heard the call note of a Hermit Thrush near some toyon bushes.  On the way back, I found a Toyon with a good amount of berries just below the road and just west of the pine trees.  It had a lone Wrentit in it.  And that was it.

I know rain is forecast for Saturday afternoon, but I hope whoever counts this spot will have better luck.  Hopefuly it will be a little warmer at mid-morning and activity will pick up.

Florence Sanchez

PS--Nothing observed on Gibraltar Reservoir below.

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