Atascadero scouting today

Ron Hirst

Up 200 yards from Patterson Bike Bridge in Maria Ygnacio Creek was a B&W Warbler (f) loosely associated with 3 Hutton's Vireos and a Bushtit flock. At Patterson Bridge were a pair of Hooded Mergansers. Another pair was in creek near end of Turnpike.  From 11-1pm along Atascadero from Patterson Bridge to Turnpike was ... not much. A couple Allen's Hummers and a couple Purple Finches, a Coopers and a Red Shouldered hawk, and 2 Cassin's Kingbirds plus a few even more common birds. Returning from Turnpike along base of More Mesa there was a hotspot in a big oak near the Myrtle Warbler arroyo a few hundred yards up the path from Orchid Drive. In the big oak and adjacent arroyo were 30 Myrtle, 50 Bushtits, 3 Red Shafted Flickers, 2 Purple Finches, 2 RC Kinglets, 3 OC Warblers, a Townsends, a Fox Sparrow, a few House Finches and a few WC Sparrows. Other birds in the area typical BG Gnatcatchers, RC Kinglets, Lesser Goldfinches, 4 RT Hawks, 2 BS Kites, 2 Cassin's Kingbirds, and a few overflights of Cedar Waxwings. 10 Purple Finches altogether in the general Patterson fields/Atascadero area near Toyon bushes and/or oaks.  
Ron Hirst, SB 

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