Re: Long-eared Owl

Wes Fritz

SB Birders, please accept my apology. I really do not want a birding feud to start, or have any division in our birding groups and reports.

Hi Jim,
Sadly you want to take this to a personal level and I guess this note/attack was meant for me. As stated, my note was for everybody.
  First off, ebird only thinks of only a few owls of being special enough to keep their data from the LURKING TROLLS.
  Secondly, the “ nocturnal”
Owls you mention are more like diurnal and are crepuscular.
 Many of the owls you mention were on private property. And we are not clear if you are spouting off about our county, state or going national?
  Being I don’t use ebird, I want to thank you for your explanation and education regarding the Lat and long for the LLC site.
  I am also pleased that you and your stealthy troop tracked down the sleeping owl. That’s pretty cool, only 50% are left. Please, do not worry about me seeing these birds. I have seen plenty in Santa Barbara County, I just don’t report them. This is great news that you now can add this bird to your life, ABA, State, county, city, park, year, daily or if you wear a special pair of underwear list. ( just saying) example* Olaf Danielson did a Big Year in 2012 in the NUDE , he managed 594 in the lower 48 while being naked!!! You can read his Big Year book “ Boobys Peckers and Tits” ( so there are some strange lists out there) I am very happy for you that you feel your self worth is much more valuable now.
  Yes, and the smart phone remark was for all the curious people using the park that are seeing us birders staring into a tree. On many occasions I have witnessed the public trying to capture an image with their smart phones to keep their Facebook/social media  lifestyle alive?. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

I have only heard about the news paper deal, but I know that nobody’s happy about that. My apologies.
What ever happened  to good ol’ healthy birding? You know, where you head out to the field to see the unknown? Anybody can follow a map with the lat and long on it, where’s the challenge? Skill? Conscience? No guilt? That’s like going golfing and having a pro hit the ball for you and you take the score for yourself, all you have to do is show up.

The only list of birds that should really matter, are the <SELF FOUND BIRD LIST>, something to be proud of.

If you want to discuss this further. Please contact me off list, call me, come over to my house and we will have a few beers and we can work this misunderstanding out.

Just to reiterate, I want our county to be one happy family that helps each other see the birds they want to see.

Happy and productive birding.


On Jan 6, 2019, at 6:21 PM, Jim Long <tagdesjim@...> wrote:

Found fairly easily late this morning by myself and 3 other birders thanks to the information given in the News Press.  Evidently my earlier post " ruffled a few feathers " .  I didn't realize that your having it on the front page of the News Press with a plethora of telling details was in line with keeping it a secret.  Additionally no less than 4 different posts  regarding  Burrowing, Short-eared and Northern Pygmy were listed timely with precise locations within the last month.  The Short-eared and Northern Pygmy  are nocturnal just like the Long-eared. Notable that they were all posted by names listed today that should know better than I what's acceptable.  Wes, rest assured we were very stealthy and one is still there for you.  Also those coords were not misleading to keep a secret, they are just the generic location by Google for LLC.  So now that I'm aware of the rules regardless of all your contradictions any birder with Iphone will not be privy to my Garmin GPS readings

Jim Long 
Santa Barbara

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