Florence Sanchez

I checked out the Lauro Reservoir today and the Tufted Duck is still present.  I then decided to look for the Hooded Mergansers that were reported last month in I.V.  They are one of my favorite ducks.  Unfortunately not a duck to be had in the park.  Does anyone know where they have gone?

And speaking of ducks, I have found plenty of American Wigeons, Gadwall, and Northern Shovelers this winter, plus a few Blue-winged teal; however, I have yet to run across Cinnamon Teal, Green-winged Teal, or Pintail.  Has anyone else found that to be the case?  Lack of water may be the reason why they are absent.   Good news is that I noticed some of the seasonal wetlands in Goleta (like Area K) are starting to fill in.  With more rain coming, the situation should improve.

I looked for the Lucy's Warbler this afternoon about 4 p.m., but there was very little activity in the CenCal parking lot.  I failed to pull it out.

Florence Sanchez

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