Isla Vista area (including Student Health) recent rarities

In case anyone is interested in further avian exploration of Sin City (er, Isla Vista):

Hooded Merganser: up to 4 sporadically at pond in Anisq'oyo Park 02-05 Jan, where present in winter now for at least seven or eight years in a row.

Tropical Kingbird:  one bird is hanging out in faculty housing area on West Campus and in adjacent western and central Isla Vista, seen flying from former to latter on 03 Jan, inside the faculty housing on 04 Jan, and back out along 6700 block of Sabado Tarde on 05 Jan.

Orchard Oriole:  3 separate female-types-- 1 in 'regular plumage' @ Sabado Tarde X Camino Lindo on 02 Jan,  1 @ bottlebrush tree @ 6718 Sabado Tarde in early AM on both 03 & 05 Jan was a molting, tattered mess and missing much of its tail, and 1 in 'regular plumage' at blooming coral trees at UCSB Student Health building on 03 Jan.

Bullock's Oriole:  imm male at north end Fortuna Road on 03 & 05 Jan, and adult male and female in blooming Cape Honeysuckle bordering volleyball (and basketball) court along eastern-most block of Segovia & Picasso on 05 Jan, which is only a block from Student Health so undoubtedly the same two birds seen there earlier by DMC et al.

Nashville Warbler:  grand total was at least 5 birds between 02-05 Jan, as I again think that the 2 returning (fourth year!) birds at tipus behind 6509 Pardall are likely the SAME 2 birds that are at the Student Health building, which is a fair ways away indeed, but I could never see the two at both locations anytime close to the same time (the Pardall birds are more reliable in the PM than in the AM), and then the 3 other birds were at 6656 Pasado tipus and also at 6625 Trigo bottlebrush (1/2 block away), at Abrego X Camino Pescadero tipu, and in line of tipus behind 6639 Picasso.

Black-and-white Warbler:  1 (probably a young male) feeding on sidewalk under tipus and then flew to nearby blooming meloleuca @ Embarcadero del Mar X Segovia on 05 Jan--is only about 2 blocks north of I. V. Market where individual seen a few weeks back, so could easily be the same bird.

Wilson's Warbler:  1 at Student Health 03-05 Jan

--Paul Lehman

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