Re: Sandhill Crane Continues- Black Road Santa Maria

Aaron Kreisberg

The Sandhill Crane was present today between noon and one in the afternoon at the previously reported location. I didn't see it fly at any point but it was actively foraging near the fenceline in the area of the culvert. The geese were also present as was a large flock of gulls.

Aaron Kreisberg

On Sat, Jan 19, 2019, 8:58 AM Jamie Chavez <almiyi@... wrote:
The bird is present this morning in the back or eastern portion of the pasture in the direction of the concrete culvert and drain. I watched it fly in to that area. A scope is probably best and mid-day or afternoon might be better for lighting. Six Snow Geese also present with two Canada Geese next to the road.

Jamie Chavez
Santa Maria, CA

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