Santa Ynez Valley today

Nancy States

This morning Debiet Konkel ,Jeanette Iwatsuki and I went out to Armour Ranch Rd and Happy Canyon Rd.

Every where we looked there were lots of birds. Plus all the green fields . Lovely.

The best sightings were 55 plus Mountain Blackbirds on Armour Ranch Rd. So many Meadow Larks too in that area.

Plus an imm Golden Eagle , Prairie Falcon a number of Kestrals and Red -tailed Hawks.

Happy Can RD also had Mountain and Western Bluebirds and two Kites sitting together in a tree. A Phainopepla and Magpies down farther near a ranch.

Lots of Lark Sparrows. a Savanna Sparrow and lots of Finches. We saw a Roadrunner at the gate to Traveler’s Farm Rd.

WE had a total of 30 species of birds. But the huge flock of Mt Bluebirds was the highlight.

Nancy States

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