Canada Geese over BMER

Don Tate

Tonight about 6:00 PM there was a fly-over V of 30-40 honking Canada Geese (I could see them but it was too dark to count them) at the Burton Mesa Ecological Reserve near the north end of Constellation Rd (Vandenberg Village). The flock was headed toward "Hidden Lake" (AKA "The marsh") at the edge of Santa Lucia Canyon's floor. 

I have seen ducks heading that way at dusk on several occasions in the past. It's often been my good intention to show up there pre-dawn one Xmas Count day for owling and ducking, but the vultures may get me first. I went out there diurnally one count day and saw 1 ruddy, 1 mallard and 1 coot.

Don Tate, Vberg Vg

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