No Tufted Duck but Common Merganser

Steven Gaulin

I spent a little bit of time looking for the Tufted Duck late yesterday (1/23/19) afternoon. It was not present at Lauro Reservoir. There were several Scaup too distant to ID more precisely (but none with enough contrast between back and flanks to be the Tufted); and a male American Kestrel was feeding on a small rodent on the utility lines.

Next I checked the mobile home park at the South end of Ward Drive because there have been Ring-necked Ducks there and because I believe that was the location where Nick Lethaby first found this vagrant (as a first-winter bird) several winters ago. A dozen Ring-necks were present but without their exotic cousin. Somewhat surprisingly, a single female Common Merganser (sharply demarcated white throat) was present. At risk of repeating information everyone knows, our welcome at the mobile home park depends on our parking on Ward Drive and walking in.

Good birding everyone!
Steven Gaulin
Santa Barbara

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