Mountain birding

Florence Sanchez

. . .is pretty quiet right now.  At least East Pinery Road was almost dead, even though it was a beautiful morning and viewing conditions were excellent.  I've run into this before in our mountains, but it was a little frustrating.   The only Montane species I found at East Pinery Road was a heard-only Mountain Chickadee.  Even the oak woodland/chaparral birds were pretty quiet.  I turned up only one Fox Sparrow (Sooty).  The usual "Fox Sparrow city" at the end of the keyhole was also dead.

I ate lunch at the Sawmill Basin (Tunnell Road) and there was a little more activity there, but again from only Oak Woodland species, though I did hear three times a Steller's Jay call.  

Thanks to all who replied to my request for info abut the road conditions.   They are O.K. but there are new large boulders at the road edge in a couple of places that have to be negotiated carefully.   Also some new downed trees.

I check out the mountain again in a few weeks.

Florence Sanchez

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