n. County

Nick Lethaby


My original plan was to spend some time birding the trail towards Pt Sal for raptors. But I arrived to find the parks service had closed the trail and fenced it off. It seems like N. County parks are conspiring against me. Fortunately, the SMRE was open. I had 37 White Pelicans at the mouth and the gull flock here had 22 Herring and an adult Thayer's. The flooded fields by the entrance road had a lot of ducks included a Wood Duck and 2 BW Teals. At the flooded field along Black Rd, I saw the crane and more gulls.

I then checked out Ocean Park. The gull flock here was pretty small but had 13 Herring Gulls and an adult Black-legged Kittiwake. There are still plenty of Eared Grebes and a Horned Grebe and Pelagic Cormorant are still present. A cursory check of Sudden Rd failed to turn up any raptors of interest.

Nick Lethaby
Goleta, CA

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