John Callender

As it turns out I think I did see the bird, but I wasn't sure until I got home and looked at my photos.

During one of the times when it was raining and I had retreated to my car I observed a group of gulls bathing in the estuary. When I looked at them with binoculars I thought I saw one that had a dark mantle and some white at the base of the primaries on its upper wing, like the LBBG. I grabbed my camera and took a bunch of photos, but at the time I couldn't visually refind the bird and ended up deciding I probably hadn't seen what I thought I'd seen.

After I got home and reviewed the photos, though, I found that I had indeed photographed what I think was the bird. The photos are poor, but I think they're good enough to document that the bird was there at 8:55 a.m.:

John Callender

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