Possible American Tree Sparrow

Mark Holmgren

Hi Shawn,
You might pull together the details of what you DID see and we might make progress with that. For example, what was the overall coloration of the bird? What patterning did you see? Was the bill dark or light or bi-colored? Tail length, etc.  
In the future, remember that smart phones can make reasonably good recordings of bird vocalizations.

Mark Holmgren 
Santa Barbara 

On Mar 13, 2019, at 8:09 AM, Shawn McVicar <shawnmcvic@...> wrote:

This morning on my way into work I saw a sparrow perched on top of a tree. The clear breast with a single black spot made me think Lark sparrow, but when I got my bins on it it definitely was not. All the field marks point to American Tree sparrow, but I'm nervous about reporting a bird in ebird that shows as rare and has only 7 reported sightings in BOSBC, though a couple are in my area. It was on Timber lane, between Highway 1 and Mountain View Rd. near the Vandenberg main gate. I heard it singing, and it sounded very much like the song in my Sibley app. It flew off before I could get my camera out, so I have no pictures. Before posting, does anyone have any other ideas of what it could be? This would be a life bird for me, so I want to be sure. 

Shawn McVicar
Buellton, Ca


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