A correction

Florence Sanchez

For those who were on the great trip to Santa Barbara Ranch last Saturday and who are interested in wildflowers, I need to correct a mis-identification.

We were finding in the grasses lots of small plants with small, deep pink to magenta flowers.  It was identified first as a sage and then I called it "Seal-heal."  Neither is correct.  After checking with Larry Ballard, I have found that the correct name is "Henbit" or Lamium amplexicaule.

Like sage, it is a member of the mint family. It is not a native but is widespread in agricultural areas.  It is having a bumper year like many other annual and perennial species, both native and introduced.  I found an entire field of it on Highway 246 just west of Buellton a couple of weeks ago -- a solid sheet of deep pink.

Apologies to those I may have led astray by calling it Self-heal.  (That's Prunella Vulgaris.)

Florence Sanchez

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