Orioles on Santa Monica Creek

Florence Sanchez

I forgot to post this . . . 

Yesterday (March 21) after the morning rain shower, I had time for a short walk along Santa Monica Creek in Carpinteria.  I found the continuing Orchard Oriole in the large sycamore tree a little way beyond the Cape Honeysuckle hedge where it has been found in the past.   Also in the same sycamore were three different Bullock's Orioles:  A deep orange adult male, a golden yellow adult male, and a rather washed-out female, perhaps a young bird.

A good-sized flock of Cedar Waxwings was in the neighborhood, and the Cape Honeysuckle had several hummingbirds, including 2 adult male Allen's and one adult male Rufous.  I did not get the continuing Nashville Warbler.

Florence Sanchez

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