Nick Lethaby


I walked the beach from Calle Majorca west to the trail to the Dune Pond and then around Devereux with a scan of NCOS. I was looked for migrant shorebirds but the only ones evident were 27 or so Western Sandpipers. A single Dunlin was likely a wintering bird.

The Dune Pond has a lot of water, even reaching past the tules at the south end. Very little on the pond, but a Sora was calling and many RW Blackbird were nest building. Not sure if there is too much water for it to be suitable for shorebirds this fall, but a good chance. The long drought has killed off much of the tules on the N part and I think the deep water should kill off the salicornia, so there isĀ  decent chance for more extensive shorebird habitat this fall.

Devereux has enough water to be potentially good this spring although it is extremely shallow and could dry out quickly.


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