Swainson’s Hawks 5-14

Eric Culbertson

His all,

Four Swainson’s Hawks this afternoon (3,1) between 1620 and 1825. Based on what I’ve seen the last several days I decided to try a much lower spot on east Ortega Ridge Rd behind Summerland. Birds seem to follow the narrow passage between the high ridges closest to the coast (between Toro Ridge and west to Ortega Ridge) and the foothills to the north. As has been the case in previous days birds are turning north once through this area back towards high points in the foothills (like Romero Canyon) and gaining back elevation before resuming a westerly course. The last bird this evening passed very low at 1825 along Ortega Ridge and continued loosing elevation over Birnam Wood Golf Club and beyond and must have gone to roost in Montecito someplace.

Eric Culbertson

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