Re: IV Yellow-throated Warbler different bird than Gaviota?

David Levasheff

Many of the photos I posted on Flickr show the same yellow tinge. 


On May 29, 2019, at 12:39, Jessie Altstatt <jessie.altstatt@...> wrote:

Hi All,

although my personal photos are not that great, it looks to me that this Isla Vista YTWA is a different individual than the Gaviota bird due to its' splash of yellow on the lores. My Gaviota pics show a white-lored bird.

Adrian pointed me to the Birds of North America website, which advises:

"Birds in the western portion of the range tend to have whiter lores and shorter bills, and this bird is a good example of a white-lored individual (photo). In the eastern portion of the range, most birds have yellow lores, but there is a smooth cline from white to yellow moving from west to east. These are sometimes described as distinct subspecies, but currently they are lumped together as a single taxon with smooth clinal variation."   

Perhaps those of you with excellent pics from Gaviota can compare against Adrian's and see if you agree. Which is less likely, the same rare bird moving from Gaviota to Isla Vista and being re-found, or yet another one  (from a different part of the range) showing up?

Thanks, Jessie

Jessica Altstatt

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