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Wes Fritz

SB Birders,
Dave Compton has the Neotropical Cormorant over at the UCSB lagoon and said it is viewable from the trail by the Chancellor’s house. There is some paid parking over there.
Directions, go to the roundabout off of 217 = Ward Memorial Hwy then go west on Lagoon Road towards Marine science, then turn right on Channel Islands Road and the first parking area on the left is where you pay to park. The Neotrop should be is that area near the parking area, but across the lagoon.

Good birding.


On May 31, 2019, at 3:39 PM, Wes Fritz <wes-fritz@...> wrote:

SB Birders,
The Neotropical Cormorant is currently at the Audubon Lookout. It is hanging out with a couple of DC Cormorants on a log that is south west of the parking area. It picks up and flys down towards the “ Bridge to nowhere” or the south viewing area. It also feeds across the lagoon/slough on far west portion of the slough. It seems to be going back and forth from these locations over the last few hours. It is not really a pattern yet, but at least there is regularity in its habits so far.

Here is one image from the back of my camera for comparison, sorry not edited.


Good luck, good birding, thanks Nick.

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