the cormorant

Dave Compton

Hi folks,

Apologies for not getting the word out to the group that the Neotropic Cormorant was at the UCSB Campus Lagoon. I let some people know who had been looking unsuccessfully at Devereux a little earlier, and texted some other people, but for some reason forgot to let this group know.

The bird left its perch at about 7:40 and then left the lagoon flying east. I had just been telling people that I thought the bird wasn't going anywhere tonight. Wrong again. Anyway, for anyone who missed it today, it might be a good idea to check coastal spots down the coast, since this is the direction it appeared to be progressing. It could easily have gone to Goleta Beach, so that's a possibility. The Bird Refuge is another possibility. Good luck to those looking for it in the morning.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

As for theĀ 

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