Neotrop, parula, etc.

Dave Compton

At about 11:30am, the Neotropic Cormorant was perched alone on a snag toward the west side of Devereux Slough (farther west than the one it was repeatedly using on Friday). An Osprey was also in the area, as were a pair of Canada Geese with 5 goslings not yet showing signs of adult plumage.

At about 11am, I saw a male Northern Parula in a eucalyptus on the south side of Pardall Rd in Isla Vista, only about a half a block west of the tunnel under Ocean Rd, leading into campus. The bird sang repeatedly, then flew east and sang at least once more, before I lost it. It could've moved northeast into the area with lots of ornamental trees, around the Student Health Building. But who knows.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

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