rescued Common Murre Goleta Beach outlet

Ken Hoesterey

There are reports that there are a lot of pelagic birds seen beached weak or dead this summer all up and down the coast, along with  Bernardo's previous mention  here of the probable nesting failures of other pelagic seabirds elsewhere.
This afternoon at Goleta Beach at 4pm I saw a gull attack a bit of kelp that tried to stab back at it, and since I never have seen black and white kelp act that way, I beetled on down to the estuary outlet at Goleta Beach to investigate. 
    A nice young woman had already rescued the very exhausted Common Murre from the gull and was only to happy to send it on with me to the Wildlife Care Network, which I did.
The nice people there said they have seen quite a few this year but few or none lately, that they would get a feeding tube in it and fix it up and release that one was lucky enough to wash up at the feet of the nice young person. 
It's a big coastline and not all are so lucky.
This one was all black head and chin and back.
I had seen them before offshore but this was my first Common Murre rescue....and another good excuse for you birders to beachwalk.
Good luck to that Murre, the oldest one was reported on the Pacific Coast to be 27 years old.
Audubon map shows it south to Pt Conception, All About/Cornell says 'rare' south of PtC.
Should this be an ebird report?
thanks and cheers
Ken Hoesterey

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