Breeding Ravens and Lawrences Goldfinches at Las Cruzitas

Cruz Phillips

Sorry I have been slow to post about Las Cruzitas.  I did record several species with the dates the new fledglings were seen out of the nest being fed or accompanied by adults and clearly having just fledged.  Others I have just recorded first sights of juveniles.  

Of note are:  Two Ravens fledged yesterday (6/29) in a first nesting for the ranch  Not sure this is a good thing.  I had been curious about an adult Raven hanging out around the barnyard and in a grove a trees by the equipment.  I thought it was strange that it stayed here alone during breeding season.  It wasn't until the two young fledged yesterday that I saw the two adults at one time.

We also had at least three pairs of Lawrences Goldfinches in the greater yard area. Two pairs fledged at least 2 and 3 young on 6/4 and 6/6.  It is hard to tell if there were more young.  The days after the young fledged the adults stopped all songs and calls and became very hard to find.

The pair of Red Tailed Hawks had 3 fledge the nest on 6/31.

Other dates are:   Titmouse: 5/6
                              Black Phoebe:  5/6
                               Say's Phoebe:  5/6 (also a first for the ranch although I have seen juveniles in July and August before)
                               White Breasted Nuthatch: 6/30 (two family groups)
                               Titmouse: 6/30 (new family group different group than 5/6)
                                Bushtit:  6/12
                                 Magpies in force:  6/12 (it was like every nest fledged on the same day)
Other birds that clearly nested in the yard and young juveniles are present but I did not see fledglings with adults were:
               Black Headed Grosbeak
               Black Throated Hummingbird
               W. Bluebird
There are juvenile Band-Tailed Pigeons at the feeder starting this week, but I believe they are nesting some distance from here.

No juvenile Golden Eagles yet.

A pair of White-tailed Kites are still acting like they have a nest very near where they have nested in the past, but I have not seen fledglings yet.

Birds in suprisingly low numbers are Lazuli Buntings and Anna's Hummingbirds

Have fun watching baby birds,

Cruz Phillips
Las Cruzitas Ranch, Santa Ynez.


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