Tecolote Creek 30 June 2019 -- Wilson's Warbler bonanza

Mark Holmgren

Kind of an exciting day in Tecolote Creek bottom.  I walked a 1.3 mile section.  Most of it was bordered by residences and a small northerly portion was bordered by more intensive ag (avocados).   I found 8 singing Wilson's Warblers, 1 singing Swainson's Thrush, and 1 Chestnut-backed Chickadee.  We are, of course, well outside of either migratory period so these birds are here with the intent to breed. This would become the most dense known population of Wilson's Warblers along the South Coast.
IMG_1198 Tecolote Creek sm.jpg
Tecolote Creek

This eBird checklist shows my route and the location of the Warblers and Thrush.  

Mark Holmgren
San Marcos Pass

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