of minor local interest: NC

Don Tate

2 species Lehman calls uncommon and local in summer in the North Coast region. 

Weds 8 PM, 2 phainopeplas giving their monotonous here-doggy whistle from burnt oak tops on BMER, 1 and 1.5 km N of Mission Hills. I saw the presumed callers w/o binocs in weak light (weather was overcast). Their feathers were puffed out due to the cool breeze, or they were towhees, ha ha. I saw neither of them fly, so I can't claim visual confirmation.

June 30 in SYR riparian near Miguelito Creek mouth, two singing Swainson's thrushes. Another was singing in May in a purely residential district, on Onstott Rd just W of Pellham Dr in Mission Oaks.

Don Tate, Vberg Vg

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