Some interesting birds along lower Atascadero Ck today

Mark Holmgren

Along the Obern Trail west of Patterson Ave (in Atascadero Ck) was a singing Wilson's Warbler, but no Swainson's Thrushes.  On More Mesa were 2 Blue Grosbeaks seen and another 2 heard (so possibly 4 total BlGr), but no Grasshopper Sparrows.  On 3 territories on More Mesa there are 12 total White-tailed Kites (6 adults and 6 fledglings on the central and western territories).  This is the first time in several years that 3 Kite territories have been maintained on More Mesa.  In the Atascadero Creek mitigation area was an adult Blue-gray Gnatcatcher feeding a fledgling.  More Mesa is the only area south of the foothill zone in Goleta/Santa Barbara that I'm aware of where BgGn breeds.
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Mark Holmgren
Santa Barbara 

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