Goleta Slough teal, Neotrop, etc.

Dave Compton

Ben Byerly, Larry Ballard, and I spent some time looking for the group of Blue-winged Teal young that Nick reported yesterday at Goleta Slough (Area K). After a long search of the northeast corner, we moved farther west, where Ben spotted a group of teal young following a female through the Salicornia on the far (north) side of Area K. The adult was visible off and on, the young were in view less often. The adult looked to me like a female Blue-winged Teal. Note: after describing the young to Nick and looking at his photos, I think these were different birds, meaning they looked slightly older than the birds Nick found. I hope people will continue to try to get photographic evidence of young here. Well-documented breeding by Blue-winged Teal is exceedingly rare in coastal southern California. I wish I had more to show, in terms of photos, from our efforts. Adults of both species were present during our observations. 

No sign of the gallinule today. 

Afterward, I went to Devereux Slough. The Neotropical Cormorant perched on a dead tree near the south pullout. Two more Blue-winged Teal were here. Numbers of Least and Western Sandpiper were similar to those Nick reported here yesterday.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

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