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Ria Marsh

To add to Florence’s post, I saw 6 Long-billed Curlews mid afternoon at Mission Creek.  When we returned on our way home an hour later, they were gone.
Ria Marsh, 
East Beach

On Jul 8, 2019, at 8:17 PM, Florence Sanchez via Groups.Io <sanchezucsb11@...> wrote:

Today at low tide I walked form Shoreline Park to the Harbor Sandspit and back in the hope of turning up some shorebirds.  The beaches were incredibly quiet in spite of the good conditions and lack of both people and dogs.  I had only few gulls (Western and Heerman's) and didn't turn up any shorebirds until I got to the Sandspit.  There I had two Whimbrel.  Also on the spit was a good-sized flock of Brown Pelicans and more Heerman's and Western gulls.

I then drove down to the Mission Creek outfall at east beach and checked out conditions along the channel.  There I found resting on the bank 8 Willets, 1 Whimbrel, and a Long-billed Curlew and well as more Heermna's and WEstern Gulls and a flock of 23 Black 

Almost all the Heerman's guls I found were adults.  The flock on the Sandspit also had two second-year birds and one dark first-year bird.  At the Mission Creek outfall, there were two dark first-year birds.

Florence Sanchez

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