Devereux and GSD

Florence Sanchez

Today I went to Devereux to check for shorebirds.  The only ones in the slough itself were 4 Western Sandpipers in the northeast corner and a few Kildeer.  I walked down to Sands Beach and there had better luck.  It was low tide and on the exposed rocks and adjacent sand, I found 8 Willets, 6 black-bellied Plovers, and two groups of small shorebirds.  The first had about 20 each Western Sandpipers and Semi-palmated Plovers.  The second group had about 20 more Western Sandpipers and a few Snowy Plovers mixed in.  Up on the dry sand, there were more Snowy Plovers and there were two new chicks inside the exclosure near the estuary mouth.  Up in the drier sand working the wrack on the beach I found 6 Least Sandpipers.  Driving back out, I found there were more small shorebirds where I had seen the first Western Sandpipers in the slough.  I counted 23 this time around.  I checked the eastuary mouth area closely but there was no sign of the Reddish Egret reported here a few days ago.

At the Goleta Sanitary District, good exposed much remains in the north pond, and there were two flocks of small shorebirds on them. They were almost all Western Sandpipers with a few Kildeer mixed in.  I scanned the flocks until I was dizzy, but could not pull out a Semi-palmated Sandpiper today--just added one Least Sandpiper.  But I think this location is worth checking regularly for Semi-palms as long as the mud remains exposed.

A nice bonus at Devereux was a juvenile White-tailed Kite in a dead tree overlooking the channel near Sands beach.

Florence Sanchez

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