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Dave Compton

Sticking with the odd place them, I'm sure folks must've noticed one has been singing for the past couple of months from the eucalyptus behind the Environmental Health and Safety building at UCSB, which is just across the street from the Area K overlook. I heard what was almost certainly a fledgling around June 1, but never saw it. Mark and Adrian's BBS includes a breeding record from this location, which is decidedly UN-riparian, and even lacks on obvious source of moisture, which otherwise is about the only common theme I've observed among local Yellow Warbler breeding spots (which in some cases has just included irrigation of lawns and plantings). 

By the way, this year I didn't check most of the usual spots I've had this species locally. And it's getting late to make much of an odd Yellow Warbler, as the species starts to move south about now.

Dave Compton
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Wim and all: 
I agree with both views.  I’ve never heard so many Yellow Warblers everywhere.  It’s like there’s one or two wherever you go, including absolutely none traditional Yellow Warbler spots.  There’s just always one or two singing in the distance, or across the street, or wherever you are.  I cannot remember EVER hearing so many YeWas away from more traditional riparian areas.   And in the more riparian areas, the numbers seem up, to which I attribute the increased rainfall of the past winter.
May I also make a plea for those of you who want to increase your bird lists?  Get hearing aids.  You’ll think the birding is pretty dull until you can actually hear the birds again!  I love mine!
Not that Yellow Warbler is a difficult sound, but there are others, and we’re not getting good data if we can’t hear what’s there !
Good birding to all!

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Re Yellow Warblers: In previous years I have had them show up in my Solvang yard in summer, post-breeding. This year, though, I have heard them throughout spring, suggesting they might be breeding nearby. So my question is: did other people have spring Yellow Warblers at locations where they are typically missing during the breeding season?


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A couple of years ago, Dave Compton pointed that he was finding Yellow Warblers summering/breeding in odd habitats. Despite the refresh our wetlands have gotten this last winter, this habit seems to be persisting. I have had two birds singing all summer in eucalyptus and pepper trees along Cathedral Oaks just west of Winchester Canyon. There has been one bird in this area for 3 years now. I also had a Yellow Warbler at Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens today. I would be interested if anyone else is seeing this.





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