Devereux slough water levels

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Hi All:
Today Florence Sanchez and I spent some time at Devereux.  The water level has receded to the point at which it should be really good from now on for seeing shorebirds on the eastern edge, as you drive along Devereux Rd.  As Nick has pointed out, the fact that the slough has water during “fall” shorebird migration, which is of course now, is UNUSUAL.  It hasn’t been this way for close to 10 years, and even then, this happens only rarely.  So now’s our chance to actually see some shorebird habitat on the south coast, where you can get close enough to the birds to i.d. them.  
Today there were Wilson’s Phalaropes being featured, but you just never know what’s going to show up.  For the next 3 weeks somebody should go to Devereux every single day.  Recall how it’s normally a dry patch of wasteland with a channel running through it?  Not anymore.  Enjoy!
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Joan Lentz

Joan Lentz
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