Solitary Sandpiper at Lake Jocelyn in Carpinteria

John Callender

I had nice views of a Solitary Sandpiper at Lake Jocelyn in Carpinteria this morning. Photos are in the eBird list below.

A few notes about access: The lake (really an agricultural pond) is on private property, but the owner has historically been okay with birdwatchers checking it out from near the southeast corner of the lake. There is a small turnout where it is possible to park, but be careful of traffic along the road. In particular, there is a blind curve just east of the turnout which cars sometimes come around at high speed. If I want to depart westbound I make a point of leaving the turnout heading eastbound, only turning around to head back west once I've reached a spot where I can do so safely. There's a driveway a short distance up the road that works well for that.

John Callender

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