Goleta on Thursday

Robert Lindsay

8/29, 9:00-11:30

Began at Coronado. Fairly quiet. Warblers included Orange-crowned, Wilson's, and Common Yellowthroat. Saw my first Scaley-breasted Munia here as this invasive species continues to spread (sigh). Other birds included a Pacific-slope Flycatcher, Spotted Towhee, Common Flicker and Downy Woodpecker.

Checked Devereaux next where I ran into Dave Levasheff and others. Though drying out fast it was still quite birdy. A lone Avocet was seen. Six or seven Red-necked Phalarope were in the channel. There were several Yellowlegs, at least one Lesser. Black-necked Stilts have begun to repopulate here. Still lots  of Black-bellied Plover though far fewer with black undersides. Red Knots were still present though I could not locate the colorful bird that was there recently. A group of Sanderling were among the small peeps. Semipalmated Plover are still abundant along with many Western Sandpiper and lesser numbers of Least Sandpiper. Quite a few Dowitchers were around. The ones I got close enough to to identify were Short-billed. A smattering of Killdeer filled out the shorebirds present. The Neotropical Cormorant or Yellow-crowned Night Heron were not seen.

Finished at the Sewage Treatment Plant which was pretty dull. Lots of Stilts and one Spotted Sandpiper. About 30 gulls around but all were Western. About 100 ducks out on the water. One might have been a distant female Blue-winged Teal but the reset were Mallards as far as I could tell. A few Black-crowned Night Heron and GB Heron in the trees by the middle pond.

Finally, while having lunch at Goleta Beach about 1:30, a Peregrine Falcon flew over the Beachside restaurant.

That's all,
Rob Lindsay

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