Devereux Slough yesterday, Friday

Mark Holmgren

Is your spotting scope idle?  Get it out very soon, or loan it to some young birder, to get some great looks at shorebirds at Devereux Slough. Yesterday, from 11:50am to 12:15 I scoped only from the center pull out along Slough Road. Highlights from that angle were the continuing American Avocet, huge numbers of Black-bellied and especially Semipalmated plovers (nearly 200 each), a Long-billed Curlew, 3 Red Knots, 21 dowitchers of which, as Joan reported, were so close that the distinctive tertial features of the Short-billeds were easily seen on 9 of them.  Bill Crowe spotted a Red Knot at about 'mile marker' 600 on Sands Beach, which might mean we still have 4 knots remaining.

Additionally, at about 0915 hrs Bill Crowe spotted a juv Common Murre off Devereux (Sands) Beach, which several people were able to see as the captive raised Snowy Plovers were released on the beach.  Thanks to the SB Zoo for rearing those Snowy Plovers from eggs salvaged as high tides in July threatened several nests.

Mark Holmgren

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