Horned Larks ag fields W of Lompoc Aug 18

Don Tate

Horned Larks in ag fields W of Lompoc Aug 18, a few seen at close range, but I didn't give it a thought. None in juv plumage noted at a lazy glance. Could be a future side jaunt for birders en route to SYRE in boring summertime. 

And speaking of another of Lehman's W Co District C "local" species, I mentioned a couple of Swainson's Thrush earlier this summer. Then in the next 3 days I drove on LaSalle Cyn Rd and heard 2, drove Miguelito Cyn Rd and also heard 2. Maybe it's dedicated birders that are rare and local out here, sorry for not being one.

At least 2 band tailed pigeons were at Miguelito Park Aug 30, seasonally unreported re Lehman.

Don Tate, Vberg Vg

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