Tuesday Birds

David Levasheff


Jeff and I started at NCOS as I have an Audubon Central Coast Council meeting bird walk there on Saturday. The east foot bridge had a nice Green Heron, a couple of young Black-crowned Night-Herons, a hand full of Malards and a Greater Yellowlegs. Black and Says Phoebes were around the area. At the long bridge we counted 57 Snowy Egrets around 10 Great Egrets and 2-3 Great Blue Heron. A second Greater Yellowlegs was in to the east of the bridge. A Red-necked Phalarope arrived east of the bridge but did not stay long. It was hot and exposed so we did not stay long.

Second stop was the Bird Refuge. At the parking lot was several young Great-tailed Grackle, Mallards, one Northern Shoveler and other usual suspects. Again very warm, we walked past the first platform, second platform was uneventful, third platform was more lively. Several young Pied-billed Grebe were around and one Spotted Sandpiper. Maybe 20 ducks, which on inspection, were all Northern Shoveler. There was one petite duck in the reeds on the island to the east, working hard at something which appeared to be teal sized; it was not showing its head.

Then to Mission Creek outfall. About 47 Black Skimmers, with at least half being youngsters. Two Red-necked Phalarope, a dead gull and some usual shore birds. It was fun to see the skimmers literally bask/loll on the sand... they really a fun species to just sit back and observe.

Next to Rocky Nook Park. Nothing special there. Hutton's Vireo, Acorn Woodpeckers, Oak Titmouse etc. Then it was time to eat... Yum Three pickles.

Goleta Beach after lunch. The Yellow-crowned Night-Heron was still there from last Friday's sighting. Kingfisher on its wire. Lots of Mullets?? jumping out of the water, and two Osprey were in the area... but being chased off by a Red-tailed Hawk. A few of our normal shore birds were around.

The big surprise was at the west end bluff overlooking Goleta bay. In the water and on the sand there must have been 200-300 Juvenile Heerman's Gull. We were at a distance, but do not recall seeing any adults. A bit of a wrack,  there were Wimbrel, Curlew, several small flocks of Sanderlings, some American Pipits, Black-bellied Plovers, and one Wandering Tattler! Of course some Western & Calif gull as well. It was quite birdy in the bay!

Back a home, getting dinner ready and small yellowish warbler type caught my attention in the kitchen slider, but did not stay long for me to retrieve my optics to see what it was. I positioned myself to prepare dinner (today's and tomorrow's) to keep an eye on the back area. Then something large appeared. Bins up! It's a Yellow-breasted Chat! New yard bird!!

Good Birding All!



David Levasheff
Santa Barbara

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