Coronado seep area last few days

Ron Hirst

I birded the area at lunch the last few days and best bird was a crisply marked Hammond's Flycatcher on Tues. in the willow/euc area at the end of Ellwood. Thurs 12:30 was very quiet and birdless. Birds mostly on Tues/Wed included 1 Hairy and 2 Downy Woodpecker, 10 Juncos, a couple Wilson's Warblers, a few Townsends Warblers and OC Warbers and Common Yellowthroats, a CB Chickadee, 6 Oak Titmouse, 40 munia, 20 House Finch, 3 Bewicks and 1 House Wren, 10 Lesser Goldfinch, some Annas and Allens hummers, a few small Bushtit flocks.  Ron Hirst, SB

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