thrush migration at sunrise

Wim van Dam

Last Friday night (2019-09-27/28) I had a reasonable successful recording of the night migration over my Solvang backyard. Most notable was the large number of thrushes that could be heard at sunrise. Between 7 and 7:30AM I had at least 20 SWAINSON'S THRUSH and a handful of HERMIT THRUSH. 

If your neighborhood is quiet enough it should be possible to hear and distinguish the upslurred "wee" of the Swainson's and the downslurred/monotone "teer" of the Hermit Thrush. See/hear here for a comparison:

Other night flight calls that I managed to ID so far are: CANADA GOOSE, SAVANNAH SPARROW, SONG  SPARROW, and DARK-EYED JUNCO. There is still a lot of stuff that I have to decipher though. 


Wim van Dam (Solvang, CA)
SBCO #385: Neotropic Cormorant

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