El Capitan and Refugio state beaches

Rebecca Coulter

I spent some time this morning at El Capitan and Refugio State Beaches. I started at El Capitan, which was far better than Refugio, though also slow-ish. But I was surprised to find an adult Red-naped Sapsucker at El Cap, in the lower campground loop. Other migrants were few but scattered around the campground and nature trail. Red-breasted Nuthatches, Townsend’s, Wilson’s, and Black-throated Gray warblers, and a single Western Tanager were all I could find of note besides the sapsucker.

Refugio has a good-sized flock of Elegant and Royal terns, and 110 immature Heerman’s Gulls. But the bridge area over the creek was almost devoid of land birds. The outfall is closed of course, so the water below the bridge is fairly deep and very stagnant, with few bathing areas along the banks. The last remaining large eucalyptus next to the bridge was empty.

Rebecca Coulter

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