Carpinteria Oct. 2

Florence Sanchez

As Nick has reported, this morning he, John Callender, and I  failed to turn up the possible Yellow-throated Vireo I saw yesterday in the tams between City Hall and the driving range.  Adrian was still looking when I left.

It was a pretty good morning for warblers nonetheless.  Besides the Blackpoll warbler, I had Orange-crowned, Wilson's, Common Yellowthroat, Yellow (several of those), Yellow-rumped, Townsend's, and Black-throated Gray Warblers in the tams.  I also checked the tams behind the driving range parking lot, which were pretty quiet.  However, I eventually found one each of Warbling Vireo, Pacific Slope Flycatcher, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Yellow, and Yellow-rumped Warblers.  It's best to bird this row from the sunny side, which means tromping around over the dried stalks of Mustard.

On my way out, I noticed a White-tailed Kite hovering over the Bluffs open area.

Florence Sanchez

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