Re: Summer Tanager at LLC

Rebecca Coulter

Almost certainly a different bird. The one we saw--though not all that well--was way more blotchy overall, not nearly as red. Cool!
Rebecca Coulter

On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 11:24 AM John Callender <jbc@...> wrote:
This morning around 7:30 I saw what I believe is probably the same bird in the same location. The bird I saw was mostly red overall with some lighter splotches; I'd be curious if anyone who saw the bird yesterday could weigh in on whether the photos in the eBird list below look like the same individual.

Also of note was a White-winged Dove that flew from the top of one of the large trees near Stow House around 9 a.m.; I last saw it flying east over the tops of the large eucalyptus trees on the east side of the lake. No photos of that bird, unfortunately.

John Callender

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