raptors Foxen Canyon Rd, 2019-10-17

Wim van Dam

At Golden Gate Raptor Observatory they're still seeing Broad-winged Hawks and last Monday they had two Rough-legged Hawks, so this afternoon I decided to check out Foxen Canyon Rd to see if there was some raptor action. 

Conditions were far from ideal as it was incredibly windy, but despite that I had: 3 TURKEY VULTURE, 1 GOLDEN EAGLE, at least 9 RED-TAILED HAWK, 1 FERRUGINOUS HAWK, 2 AMERICAN KESTREL, and several raptor sp. that were too far away to identify. Not bad for less than an hour. 


Wim van Dam (Solvang, CA)
SBCO #385: Neotropic Cormorant

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