birding Carp yesterday morning

Joan Lentz ( address)

Hi All:
Got out birding some Carpinteria areas on a very warm morning yesterday.  Joined by Marilyn Harding, and eventually by Libby Patten, we first hit the police station tamarisk row in Carp.  Still birds there, but nothing of great interest, few lingering migrants, including poor looks at a bird that got away…..
Then I wanted to see what had happened to access to Carp Creek above the US101.  This was a place I used to love to go birding, reached by a bikepath from the east side, parking at the end of the frontage road reached by exiting at Bailard Ave, following it to its westernmost end (are you confused yet?).  Construction there is a bit of a hassle, but eventually you’ll be able to park & access Carpinteria Creek Park, a little green belt with good willows, sycamores adjacent to Carp Creek.  However, access to the creek itself would be difficult (especially with my limitations) but perhaps possible from the west side of the creek via the old bikepath that started off from Carpinteria Ave.    Park held nothing special, but would be good to hit in migration.
Lake Jocelyn, the farm pond off Casitas Pass Rd. has water still, and is interesting.  There’s an Aleutian Cackling Goose there, a couple of Sora, some Long-billed Dowitchers, a Greater Yellowlegs.  Also many Green-winged Teal.  

Good birding!
Joan Lentz

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