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David Levasheff

10/25 8:30-10:00

Rob Lindsay and I crossed paths, I entering, he leaving yesterday.

Like Mark yesterday at NCOS there was a notable number of White-crowned Sparrows. They were with numerous Yellow-rumped warblers on the west side of Stow House and on the lawn over to the RR museum.

WCSPs were very active in the olive trees on the road from Stow House to the lake. There were also a bunch below the dam on the south west end. As Mark noted at NCOS, they were feeding furiously.

Other birds of note:
3 Golden-crowned Sparrows - east end of dam up by trash can
1 Great-tailed Grackle
6 Ring-necked Ducks in the far north of the lake
1 Cinnamon Teal west lake in reeds
3 Green Heron
2 Blue-winged Teal
2 Sora heard
1 White-tailed Kite in tree SW dam area
1 White-tailed Kite in star pine (same bird?) calling
Pied-billed Grebe (close to 10)
1 Northern Harrier flying low over the lake
1 Cooper's Hawk on far west of property
1 Red-shouldered Hawk south of the Dam
1 Lincoln's Sparrow
1 possible Western Kingbird
and the other usual birds including about 75 Coot.

Tuesday 10/22 Jeff and I stopped at the Goleta Sanitary District and found lots of ducks there. Most were sleeping on the path between the dam and it was damn hot so we did not linger to get exact counts. Present were at least a dozen Blue-winged Teal, almost as many Green-winged Teal, several American Wigeon and Northern Shoveler. There is no mud flat area so no peeps, thought I saw some fly, but could not re-find them. Only one Western Gull and a single Eared Grebe. 2-3 Spotted Sandpiper.

So here is a question. Lehman's book says Ring-billed Gull start arriving in August. Jeff and I have been looking and looking for any sign of one. Have not been successful. Has anyone seen one (or more) this fall?

Cheers and good birding



David Levasheff
Santa Barbara

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